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Nokosi is particularly inquisitive for a Night Elf; painfully so. If there is a question that plagues his mind, a thought that lingers for more than a moment, he will ask it. Regardless if it’s the best time or the right place for said question, or even if it comes off offensive or places him in a position where he’s due for physical harm in response. That inquisitive nature can be easily explained by his lack of worldly knowledge and his abysmal understandings of social situations and interaction.

He comes off as awkward to normal city folk, at best, if not just a bit of a ‘creeper’. Even the few he counts amongst friends often find his long, unblinking gaze unnerving; or the way he just pops up, uninvited, with a smile tugging on his lips, inserting himself into situations that don’t concern him at all. Even more-so, he’s often seen running seemingly one-sided conversations and commentary of unfolding events to the companion at his side; a large blue and white, usually bored looking Spirit Wolf.

His love for odd things such as people watching doesn’t stop there, though. Nokosi loves sound almost as much as he does the look of shiny things or the touch of objects with texture and takes every chance to indulge in any of them. He tends to be rather touchy-feely with things that catch his interest, rubbing his hands generously over them and listening intently to the squeak or ruffle produced, much to the dismay of the owner of said objects. Certain noises change his mood drastically while others seem to have a mesmerizing effect on him.

Nokosi is very forward with his emotions and doesn’t bother to hide them, almost regardless of situation. He finds the notion of ‘shame’ intriguing but doesn’t have any use for it himself. This can sometimes lead to uncomfortable moments where he’ll say things that are highly inappropriate at the moment, mixing up ‘comedic’ comments with what should have been depressing or thoughtful, vice versa, or bursting into tears at some extremely upsetting thought.
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